Faceted Mixed Tourmaline Bracelet
Mixed Tourmaline Faceted - PRATT DADDY

Faceted Mixed Tourmaline Bracelet

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Bead Size: 5mm

One size fits most

Green Tourmaline

Growing up is hard to do, but if you’re ready to take some much-needed steps towards taking your emotional health to another level, Green Tourmaline is what you need in your life. 

This precious stone will open your heart, calm stress, and help you combat anxiety through self-compassion. It’ll also help you see the world through others’ eyes — allowing you to find understanding and seek solutions to conflicts. (And like other green stones, it’ll draw you towards wealth. What a bonus!)

Pink Tourmaline

Do you hang on to guilt, worry, or shame? Do you struggle with calming anxiety? If so, then Pink Tourmaline is the emotional cleanser you’ve been seeking. Let this stone’s soothing properties relieve stress and anxiety as you open yourself to self-love and compassion. Learn from your past and then release yourself from its shackles. 

Fall in love with yourself first. All good things will follow.

Black Tourmaline

You may not call them enemies, but some people just suck the energy out of you. Tip 1: Don’t engage; Tip 2: Carry Black Tourmaline. It will spread its protection around you, creating an energy barrier that keeps negative vibes far from your heart and relieves stress and anxiety. Stay cool, calm, and collected. Let the stone do the rest.

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