Sun-signs, Crystals, Healing Stones, Your Divination Guide!

Sun-signs, Crystals, Healing Stones, Your Divination Guide!

Many people, including some very famous celebrities such as Adele and the Kardashians, swear by the power of crystals. 

For some, crystals and gems go hand in hand with New Age spirituality, and for others, it may seem like just another trend that will pass soon enough. 

Crystal healing has been around for a long time. We're thrilled that more people every day seem to be open-minded towards this ancient practice.

Every sun sign has a crystal that works best for them. But don't put yourself in a box all the time because crystals don't judge, so pick up that citrine if you're not a quartz girl. No one can stop you—the universe isn't the limit!

But today, let's find out the crystals you need for sure according to your sun sign. 

Aries - Carnelian 

Aries people are known for their trailblazing nature and fiery, courageous personalities. If you feel impulsive or prone to negative emotions like anger, envy, or resentment, perhaps a piece of carnelian beaded bracelets can help you out!

Taurus - Rose Quartz

Taurus is ruled by Venus, though sometimes you might not care much for how others perceive you. You tend to enjoy finer things in life, especially love. 

Taurus people thrive off of this energy and wear crystal bracelets, which helps to bring more romance your way by opening your heart chakra!

Gemini - Citrine

Citrine crystal is an excellent gemstone of choice for Gemini natives because it enhances communication, mental stability, and intelligence. 

It's also known for its ability to help with decision-making, so if you are always torn between two paths, get yourself a piece of citrine crystal bracelets today!

Cancer - Moonstone 

Every day may not be good. But there’s definitely something you can do to make your days better. For Cancerians, their sensitivity combined with anxious or paranoid feelings can result in an 'overwhelming' experience that one may need help to get out of. 

Moonstone is a powerful crystal that can help calm Cancerians down and provide comfort, serenity. Its vibration may also stabilize emotional peaks to keep reality at bay while rationality prevails!

Leo - Tiger's Eye

Tigers eye is an amber stone traditionally associated with Leo. It has a beautiful, golden glow that allows you to concentrate on inner reflection and channel your creativity towards outward manifestations. 

Virgo - Red Jasper

Both Virgo and Red Jasper are practical signs. Combined, they lend clarity to everything they do. 

Red Jasper adds focus to hyper-organized Virgo, which allows the speed-driven Mercurial sign to solve all manner of problems swiftly and with no interruption.

Libra - Lapis Lazuli

The libra energy resonates with lapis lazuli, which brings the power of the sky and the stars into life. This blue crystal encourages people to become more aware of themselves and accept who they are, absolutely perfect for this air sign!

Scorpio - Obsidian 

For a scorpion, obsidian is a powerful talisman; it provides you with protection and allows for great personal changes in a short amount of time. 

Since the stone itself absorbs the negativity surrounding you, it will work perfectly if you want to become patient, and calm.

Sagittarius - Turquoise

Crystal Turquoise is good for Sagittarians because it helps ease and prioritize emotions and allows them to see things as they are. This will help you manage work stress and make sense of what's most important to you.

Capricorn- Jade

As a Capricorn, one of the most difficult things that you will face in your life is communication. You might feel a little embarrassed or have issues displaying your deepest desires for fear of being judged. 

The crystal jade can help you in all instances where you'd need clarity in thought, memory, and for communicating with others.

Aquarius - Aquamarine

The Aquarius and aquamarine can be a beautiful combination, and it will speed up your thought processes, enabling you to reach the right conclusions quickly. An aquamarine crystal can be a suitable stone if you want to work on your intellect, as well as your emotion.

Pisces - Amethyst 

You've probably seen amethyst crystals everywhere because it's one of the most popular stones -- they represent spiritual wisdom. Being the perfect crystal for Pisces, it aids in grounding those who have scattered energy. 

It can help strengthen your intuition and ward off negative vibes.

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best crystals for your sun sign. With this knowledge, we know that you can better understand your personality and your needs. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

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