How to charge your crystals

How to charge your crystals
“In crystal we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals - it is still a living being." - Nikola Tesla
Our relationship with crystals is one of reciprocating energy. Crystals are living beings just like us, and charging your crystals will give them additional energy just as we can recharge ourselves. This guide will teach you how to charge your crystals to their highest potential so that you may accept, experience and project their energies. Charging your crystal will also increase the intensity of any intentions you may have placed into the stone. If you ever feel that your crystal is “clogged up” and not giving you the energy you need, just take these steps!




The most efficient way to both cleanse and charge your crystals is to leave them alone in a dark place for a long period of time. This method has been used for hundreds of years and tends to take the longer than the other methods. If you do not have the time to cleanse or charge them in this way, you can skip to one of our other steps!



Bathe your crystals in the light of the moon. Each phase of the moon will bring a different energy to the cleansing and charging of your crystals. During the waning phase of the moon you can expect an energy of release, as the moon is changing from its full moon phase to new moon phase. When the moon cannot be seen in its new moon phase you can expect an energy of growth. Keep the phases in mind when you are setting your intentions.



Charging your crystals in sunlight is more intense than the gentle energy of moonlight. The energy of sunlight will strengthen your crystal, but first you will want to make sure that your crystal is not sensitive to light. We recommend filling a bowl with sea salt and water and submerging the crystal before placing it in bright sunlight. This will both cleanse and charge the stone, unlocking its full potential.



Using the energies of the sun and the moon during eclipses can dramatically change the energies in your crystals. In order to promote changes in your life, you can charge your crystals during an eclipse to initiate these shifts. Lunar eclipses tend to promote changes within yourself while solar eclipses will promote changes in the outward aspects of your life. When cleansing and charging your crystals in an eclipse it is best to choose a crystal that can be kept close to your skin as it goes through this process of change. Before the eclipse starts you will want to set up your sacred space outside. We recommend lighting a candle, placing your crystal next to it, and smudging the crystal with an herb, such as our bundles of sage, while you set the intentions of change that you wish to manifest. As the eclipse passes over the crystal you will want to hold this intention in your mind to set it into the crystal.



When your crystal seems to feel energetically heavy, the best thing to do would be to return it to Mother Earth for healing and rejuvenation. That is why this method is great for reprogramming stones that you purchase in a store or are given by someone else that has used it for a period of time. You can bury a stone directly in the earth, or you can bury it inside something to make it easier to retrieve, like a box or sachet. How long it needs to be buried will depend on how heavy the crystal’s energy has become. Keep in mind that, because of this, it may take days, months, years, or even decades to cleanse and charge the stone fully. It may even take longer than your lifetime and then at some later date, be found by the person who is actually supposed to work with it.


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