Bead Size: 4mm

Bracelet: One size fits most 

Astro Sign: Sagittarius and Pisces

Lapis Lazuli opens the throat chakra, and aids in deepening communication. It promotes self- awareness, and self expression. Lapis Lazuli is a calming stone, promoting peace and tranquillity.

Astro Sign: Gemini, Capricorn

Tigers Eye is a stone of wisdom, protection, and courage. It promotes creativity and helps one to make decisions/ take action. 

Astro Sign: Capricorn

Garnet is a grounding stone, and a stone of protection. It promotes feelings of joy, and happiness. Garnet is a stone of love, willpower, and unity.

Astro Sign: Aries and Aquarius

Hematite balances yin and yang energies.  It helps dissolve negative energy, transforming it into a loving and positive energy.  Encourages one to realize the self-impossed limitations of the ego and helps the user free themselves of the constraints of the mind.  Known as a powerful grounding stone, and useful for any disorders of the blood or circulatory system.  

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