Onyx Zebra Pendant
Onyx Zebra Pendant
Onyx Zebra Pendant

Onyx Zebra Pendant

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*Pendant comes on a black adjustable cord. Chains are available for purchase separately!

Going through a difficult time? Onyx will strengthen your resolve and replenish your energy, putting you right back in control of your focus and will. Use it in times of strife or carry it to remain cool and composed when you’re dealing with conflict.

Email info@prattdaddy.com to create your own custom Onyx pendant! 

Customizations include:

Letters (any font, matte or polished)

Zodiac sign (matte or polished)

Custom Patterns (two sided pendant)

Pratt Daddy Logo (matte or polished)

Other Custom Designs (stars, hearts, initials, outline of your state, outline of a crystal, time/date, etc.

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