Love Connection Kit


Astro Sign: Virgo

Blue Amazonite helps stimulate the throat chakra. It is known for specifically promoting communication with love matters.

Astro Sign: Pisces, Taurus,Scorpio, and Virgo

Nummite encourages you to follow your intuition. It is also a re-energizing stone and when held to the third eye it sends a burst of energy into the body.

Astro Sign: Taurus and Libra

Rose Quartz is a calming, soothing crystal. It promotes love, and feelings of peace. Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love. Rose Quartz helps to clear the heart of negative energies and blockages.

Astro Sign: Aquarius

Fuchsite is a stone of clarity. It helps to achieve balance and tranquility. Fuchsite is a gentle reminder to take care of oneself spiritually and physically.

Astro Sign: All

Agate is a stone of grounding and stability. It promotes creativity, and positivity.

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