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Faceted Graduated Ruby Rondell AAA

*MADE TO ORDER* This necklace is made to order. Please allow 2-4 business days for necklace to be made.

Necklace: 16"

Ruby infuses zeal, energy, and passion into one’s life. For those who are sensitive or irritable, this energy may be too much at times. Regardless, the stone balances the heart and encourages wearers to follow their passions and dreams. Ruby is able to resurface anger or negativity and dissipate it from the body, promoting dynamic leadership and a heightened awareness and concentration. It’s passion sparks enthusiasm, sociability, and vigor. While it is known to overcome exhaustion or lethargy, it also counters hyperactivity.

This stone is one of the stones of abundance, and it aids retaining wealth, abundance, and passion.

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