Gem Dioptase
Gem Dioptase
Gem Dioptase

Gem Dioptase

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*Pendant comes on a black adjustable cord. Chains are available for purchase separately!

Shown on 18" Sterling Silver Bead Chain

Origin: Africa

You know what it’s like to feel stuck. What it feels like to feel angry. What it feels like to not let past hurts go. You also know that by not letting go, you’re only hurting yourself and poisoning your own beautiful energy. But how do you move on from a pain you thought you’d never get over? Dioptase to the rescue.

This rare green stone will help you in two major ways: First, it will aid you in finding love and compassion for yourself during difficult times. Then, this powerful healing mineral will help you in feeling that same love and compassion for those that have wronged you, allowing you to release the heavy burden of negative emotions, learn the lessons these emotions have been attempting to teach you, and then move one in perfect peace. You’ve never felt like this (or this light) before.

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