Amethyst with Polished Agate


Agates are grounding stones that foster emotional, physical, and intellectual balance within oneself. These stones aid in centering and stabilizing physical energy while also enhancing mental function like concentration, perception and analytical ability. Agates are known to improve consciousness, particularly of oneself, and work to facilitate acceptance of one’s self by transforming and eliminating negativity. By fostering contemplation, agates encourage the speaking of one’s own truth and creates a sense of safety and security while dissolving internal tensions.

Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment. It is known to be a powerful and protective stone that balances ones intellectual, emotional and physical bodies. This balancing clears the aura and quiets dysfunctional energy located within one’s body. These properties mean amethyst is a wonderful healer of various disorders, because the stone expedites the removal of unwanted energy,  and re-adjusts or re-aligns cells to dissipate mental or physical pain. Due to its healing properties, Amethyst is said to be a representative of complete metamorphosis.

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