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Tourmaline with Diamond Pave Hummingbird on 14k Gold

Made in the USA by master artisans and craftsmen

18" 14k Italian Gold Chain

Tourmaline wrapped in 18k yellow gold with diamond pave hummingbird 

White Diamonds- 1.0 tcw FVVS

This beautiful crystal has a message for you: Balance is important.  So if you’re doing too much, working too much, crying too much, feeling too much, this crystal needs to enter your life...yesterday. But make no mistake: Balance doesn’t mean stagnation. This crystal will help you find your center, yes, but that’s only the beginning. Once you’re on even footing it will aid you in overcoming negative energy (both past and present) so that you can move forward with the goals that mean the most to you with no fears and no burdens.

Each piece is custom made exclusively for Pratt Daddy by Jaimie Geller Jewelry.

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