Black Tourmaline With Pyrite Skull


Bead: 8mm

Wrist: 6.5

Pyrite (commonly known as Fool’s Gold) imparts confidence, drive, and the will to succeed. Its many layers contain energy which will radiate harmony into the body. This energy will dissipate self-deprecation, anxiety, and negativity. The stone helps you recognize the gifts you possess, and those around you in your life. Pyrite is a powerful stone for manifestation, particularly that of wealth and prosperity, and has been used by wisdom-keepers since ancient times. 

Black tourmaline is an excellent protector from negative energy. By using this stone as an energetic barrier between you and the source of negativity, the wearer is shielded from unwanted bad vibes, whether they be internal or radiating off of others. Black Tourmaline provides an increase in one’s emotional stability, physicality and sharpness of intellect. The stone promotes selflessness, practicality, and creativity. 


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