Spencer Pratt Spotted in Pratt Daddy Lapis

If we know anything about Spencer Pratt we know that he is a sucker for crystals and burritos. Last night, we caught Spencer Pratt on The Hills: New Beginnings rocking some Pratt Daddy Swag. Spencer Pratt was wearing his one-of-a-kind Pratt Daddy Lapis Crystal Pendant, while also gifting Brandon Lee Thomas with a housewarming Amethyst Crystal Specimen (and a burrito). Pratt Daddy is such a giver! 


"If anyone is coming to my new house and are not bringing a crystal or a burrito... why are you visiting me?"

– Spencer Pratt

We were especially excited to see the introduction to Pratt Daddy Crystals, and the mini-photoshoot at Lee's Malibu home. Our initial influencers joined Spencer Pratt for this pool party, while Pratt Daddy himself captured some elite content.

There were laughs, there were cries, there was Mischa for .03 seconds, and there was plenty of drama.. which sounds like The Hills to us! Does anyone want to see more Mischa btw?! She's the OG of the OC after all. 

Spencer Pratt dripping in Pratt Daddy Crystals remained calm through all the bro-drama, sibling rivalries, and gossip. And despite all of the drama that surrounds both Heidi and Spencer Pratt, they stay solid in their relationship and we are living for all of the Speidi scenes, more please!! 

We also met one of our very own Pratt Daddy Team members, and the infamous Gunner Pratt's assistant ABBY

You can expect much more from Spencer Pratt and his brand Pratt Daddy Crystals, with new elite crystal drops every week! Be sure to join us on IG to find out first about the latest drip. @prattdaddy


“I was blowing all of my money on crystals, so I started selling crystals… so I could buy more crystals.”

– Spencer Pratt