Pratt Daddy Summer Essentials

Pratt Daddy Summer Essentials
Pratt Daddy Summer Essentials 
The best essential oils, crystals and accessories for the perfect healing summer. 
By: Kate Haralson
Hot Take: all natural Essential oils are one of the best most natural products you can use on your skin. These natural oils are the best for that perfect fresh summer glow, leaving you looking dewy, refreshed and glowing. All Prattdaddy oils are handcrafted by Kat Villain, Kat crafts her potions with the whisperings of the moon and the energy of the sun so that each blend is fluid and ever-evolving to meet the changing circumstances of life. Through seasonal direction and atmospheric influences, these blends are designed to balance one’s life and then integrate one’s experience. Having a good skin care routine is essential for summer. Ahead, these eight shoppable products that will be the perfect healing summer essentials. 
Helios Sun Harmonizing Oil 
This blend awakens ritual for the individual that rubs the oils onto the face at the dawning of the day. It utilizes botanical oils that offer solar-protective properties that are rich in antioxidants and beaming with cell-regenerative capabilities. It is a skin-brightener, combats hyperpigmentation, and works to restore any spots on the skin from over sun exposure. It is a blend that teaches you to use the sun wisely, in the morning or afternoon, and to take cover during the sun’s midday peak, so its rays do not burn the skin, for with the sun you are always playing with fire, and it is the individual's job to mediate it. The perfect oil for that natural summer glow we all strive for.
Refracted Sunlight Cell Regenerating Sunscreen
This blend is crafted with non nano zinc that sits on your skin, instead of entering your body, leaving your liver free to not have the burden of sifting out toxins. It has plant healing botanicals that offer the benefit of skin hydration while combating hyperpigmentation. As a bonus it smells divine, not like the sunscreen beach scent we all know. This lightly tinted sunscreen is at least SPF 25. Reapplication is recommended if you’re sweating in the sun. When in the cooler water, the ingredients solidify slightly, allowing it to remain on your skin longer, making it perfect for water lovers. It is also kind to the ocean and its inhabitants. The best sunscreen to protect your skin without all the chemicals! 
Emanate Yoni & Face Mister
Floral waters are gentle, lightly fragrant, and incredibly hydrating. They were the original product distilled by the alchemists and were then used for everyday health maintenance. They hydrate, tone, and revive the skin. They uplift the mind, and soothe the nervous system. The perfect mist to leave you refreshed and hydrated. 
Aquamarine Faceted 
Looking for courage? Look for Aquamarine. Dressed up or down, this beautiful crystal never looks out of place. Walk from the boardroom to the red carpet feeling tranquil, intuitive, and never waver from speaking the truth. Accept life as it comes —curveballs and all. Aquamarine is the perfect stone to leave you feeling cool, calm and collected. Its calming energy will make you feel as if you were in the ocean. The perfect baby blue bracelet for summer to leave you feeling refreshed and calm, while looking cute as well. 
Sunstone Stacked Faceted
Light and inspiration. What else would you expect from a crystal that shines like the sun? When you bring this stone into your life, you’re making a commitment to a meaningful life and a journey of healing.This stone inspires personal power, freedom, and a connection to higher states of being. By wearing this stone you invite luck and good fortune into your life. Going through a difficult period? Keep this stone close, release your inhibitions, feel the sun on your skin. The perfect stone for summer. 

14k White Gold Rope Chain
14k White Gold Rope Chain,Designed in Italy. The perfect summer essential for any pendant of your liking or even by itself as a layering necklace. This stunning white gold chain will have you looking and feeling your best and make you the star of the show in any room you walk into this summer.  

Do you hang on to guilt, worry, or shame? Do you struggle with calming anxiety? If so, Tourmaline is the emotional cleanser you’ve been seeking. Let this stone’s soothing properties relieve stress and anxiety as you open yourself to self-love and compassion. Learn from your past and then release yourself from its shackles. Fall in love with yourself first. All good things will follow. Any Tourmaline is the perfect summer stone, but this pink one will really make you pop and match any summer outfit. This stone will help you fall in love with yourself this summer.  
Blue Topaz Ring 
Do you struggle to see the good in yourself? No shame. We all do. But you are amazing. And Topaz is here to remind you of that.This precious jewel will allow you to see yourself more clearly and recognize your inner worth (#priceless). It will also aid you in finding your confidence and creating joy as you work to discover your true self and go for your dreams. This beautiful blue ring is the perfect summer accessory to make you look and feel your best. Stand out from the crowd with this stunning ring. 

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