Living Body Potions to Facilitate Longevity

Living Body Potions to Facilitate Longevity
Written by Kat Villain (

Living Body Potions to Facilitate Longevity 

Shouldn’t all that you put on your skin be as fresh, organic, and pulsating with vitality as that which you put inside your body?

The botanical essential oils and lipids (the carrier oils, butter, and waxes) used in natural potions are vibrating with life force. The essential oils extracted from these botanicals hold the plants protective properties, serving to enhance its vital life force and these give the plant an edge in nature. Using these preparations on the body has undoubtedly the same effect. The aroma in a plant deters insects and predators from eating it. The cellular memory in each living thing knows where to go and what to do so it has the best chance of making it. The oils inherent within these substances maintains the health and reproductive faculties of a plant. Thus used on the body these same qualities are imparted and without any harmful side effects. The compounds and molecules in the extractions of botanicals “mirror human hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters, beautifully representing the biological compatibility between humans and plants. This biocompatibility allows them to have a powerful effect on our health.”*

The essential oils in plants are complex, containing hundreds of these compounds that are constantly changing in response to environment, as they are the environment. This gives them depth and dimension and in turn the body never becomes resistant to them, in fact, they support a healthier body that becomes resilient to the changes of the planet. We adapt with them, from them. 

Alternatively, chemicals and synthetics, ingredients created from the lab, are dissected and synthesized for a specific component, for a certain reason, and are used readily because they are so cheap. Thus, when putting lab materials on your body you are putting a sort of death on the body, for it is not vibrating with life force, it has been killed. This is similar to heavily processed foods. This is a fractured substance, removed from its beautiful wholeness. In separation things deteriorate for they fail to contain the eternal macrocosmic wisdom within their structures, that which perpetuates life. When used, they create further imbalances upon the body, oftentimes with damaging side effects. 

Plants are magical because the healing aspect of a plant is often potentiated or complemented by other aspects of the plant. Salicylic acid in willow bark has the beauty of being a pain reliever while simultaneously protecting the lining of the digestive tract so this acid does not break down the wall of the stomach or small intestine. The salicylic acid used in aspirin has been dissected and isolated, missing the beautiful complementary aspects it has in plant form, thus it creates side effects such as ulcers in the stomach, as well as a leaky gut. These lab created imbalances weaken the bodies defenses. 

Nature makes no mistake in that which she creates, each healing characteristic of a plant has such profound properties because it is in union within itself, a microcosmic entity of the macrocosmic whole. To use these botanicals is to bathe in the life force of plants, in their prismatic essence. And since the skin absorbs substances more readily than the stomach, one would be wise to place only natural and organic ingredients on the body, and to take advantage of the skin's permeability to soothe its inner contents. 

It goes to reason that just like living, fresh, whole, and organic foods promote health, wellbeing, and vitality, potions that one uses on the body should be no different if one truly wants ageless beauty.

*Nadine Artemis’ “Holistic Dental Care”


  • Kelley Svoboda

    First of all I am in LOVE with yall’s energy and also your love for healing others. Im praying for all good things to happen for your family as well as those you choose to have in your life. As i search through all of your incredible products i will keep in mind the healing aspects of everything and pick gifts for my family and extras that promote their healing. Thank you for giving us beautiful options :). P.S. God is good to me and you…never forget to give thanks for without Him none of this would be possible!

  • CoCo Washington

    Thank you for sharing such an enlightening and profound tutorial. It’s refreshing to have someone talk to you honestly about how harmful replicas are for our bodies and the universe. I look forward to learning more from you!

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